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KGE is expanding rapidly in Western Europe In the UK, Remedy World Ltd is the distributor of LAVIVANT products Remedy World Ltd supplies LAVIVANT products to individuals and B2B (wholesale) customers


Launched jelly stick Installed additional machine for filling stick Acquired organic certificate Acquired HALAL certificate Established KGE Co.,Ltd.


Launched Lavivant red ginseng stick in home shopping Installed new machine for jelly filling stick Installed new machine for filling sachets Acquired HACCP certificate Launched F1 Red Ginseng Stick Lavivant Launched Lavivant red ginseng slice and red ginseng roots


Certified as a promising small and medium-sized export company Acquired venture certification Exported compound K concentrate to Japan Filed two patents on ginsenoside C-K, Rh2 increased red ginseng concentrate and powder Started exporting C-K red ginseng concentrate to O company in Japan Participated in Vitafoods Europe 2018 in the Swiss


Launched Ginseng Stick Lavivant Began exporting French red ginseng concentrate powder to France Established R & D Participated in Vitafoods Europe 2017 at the Swiss Health Food Expo


Entering LAVIVANT Czech store Started to export red ginseng concentrate to Saudi W Started export of concentrated red ginseng juice from B company in Vietnam Participated in Vitafoods Europe 2016


Registered patent (related to fermented red ginseng processing with enzyme treatment) LAVIVANT trademark application (Europe, Russia, USA, Korea) Contracted with UK and German agent Established KGE Co.Ltd. UK Participated in Vitafoods Europe 2015


Established KGE Co.Ltd. Europe in the Czech Republic Participated in Salon Int’l de l’Agriculture Began exporting U red ginseng concentrate powder to Vietnam Hong Kong B contract for export of red ginseng slice Participated in Vitafoods Europe 2014


ISO 9001 certification ISO 14001 certification Started to export red ginseng and ginseng concentrate to France Started to export red ginseng concentrate to Germany Selected as an e-trade frontier company


Established KGE Co.Ltd Started to export red ginseng concentrate to Vietnam Exclusive contract to export R’s Yongji Products