Korean Ginseng Saponins: What Are Ginsenosides & How They Work?

Ginseng saponins and ginsenosides

Ginseng is a small, slow-growing plant with fleshy roots. It is used abundantly in traditional and herbal medicine in East Asian countries, including China, Japan, and Korea, to treat certain ailments. 

Today, thanks to its wellness and pharmacological properties, Korean ginseng’s popularity is rising worldwide. It is also a hot topic of research as scientists have started unearthing the astonishing benefits and potential uses of Korean ginseng. So, what makes it so effective? 

The beneficial effects of ginseng have been linked to its major components – ginsenosides, also known as ginseng saponins.

Therefore, to understand the effects of taking ginseng as a supplement, it is essential to understand how ginseng saponins impact the body to bring about mental and physical health benefits. 

What are the Ginseng Saponins?

To put it simply, ginsenosides are one of the major active components of the ginseng plant. Ginsenosides derived from Asian or Korean ginseng are known as Korean ginseng saponins. Based on the chemical structure, you can group ginsenosides into three major types:

  1. Oleanolic acid
  2. Protoopanaxadiol 
  3. 20(S) Protoopanaxadiol 

Currently, researchers have isolated over 150 different ginseng saponins – each offering unique and exciting potential benefits!   

Benefits of Ginseng Ginsenosides 

Wondering how ginseng saponins can help you or why you should take ginseng supplements? Take a look at its advantages!

·      Healthy Immune System 

Ginseng saponins present in the roots, leaves, and stems of the ginseng plant can boost the immune system and combat viruses and microbial attacks. They can also help enhance innate immunity and adaptive immunity

Moreover, ginsenosides are immunomodulating agents, meaning they stimulate the immune system to help the body fight certain diseases, including cancer and diabetes. In short, ginseng saponins can be your path to health and wellness!

·      Reduced Inflammation

Ginseng is a potent antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation. As a result, ginseng supplements are a great natural option for people struggling with arthritis and other conditions that may lead to inflammation.  

·      Enhanced Brain Function 

Ginsenosides affect the central nervous system to enhance brain function. It can help improve learning and memory. Consequently, ginseng is ideal for people struggling with age-related neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, progressive memory loss, etc. 

Ginsenosides can also prevent or minimize neuron degeneration in the brain to keep the brain sharp and active. It also eliminates stress and fatigue to keep you going through the day!    

·      Improved Mood and Social Functioning 

Science backs ginseng’s and ginsenosides’ effect on mood and social functioning. A study following healthy people who consumed ginseng daily for four weeks concluded that the supplement helps improve mood and social functioning. So, if you are down with the blues, taking ginseng may help you out. 

The Bottom Line 

Owing to its healing, restorative, and other beneficial properties, Korean ginseng has been used as a supplement and treatment for certain ailments for thousands of years. Today, researchers are only beginning to discover the miraculous benefits of ginseng supplements. 

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The Health Benefits of Korean Ginseng | Herbal Remedy

Ginseng as herbal remedy

The History of Korean Ginseng

For thousands of years, mankind has been using various plants for herbal remedies. Whether it’s through beverages, nutrients, cosmetics, or dye – ginseng is used as a medicinal herb to maintain health and improve quality of life. From the heart of Asia to the world, Panax Ginseng is considered to be the most precious of plants among herbs; the main reason as to why it’s now in the spotlight worldwide.

The origin of ginseng dates back to prehistory in China. Shennong, translated to English as ‘Divine Peasant’ also known as Emperor Yan, The Yellow Emperor, or one of the Three Emperors; is reported to have tasted hundreds of plants to discover many medicinal herbs. Although Shennong’s work was lost long ago, studies performed were passed down verbally over many generations. Now, ginseng’s herbal remedies go as far as the Western world.

Asia and North America have been making use of this medicinal herb for centuries. You’ll tend to find it in both Native American medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Native Americans used ginseng as both a digestive tonic and to soothe headaches. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine used this natural herbal remedy to boost energy and vitality, manage diabetes, and support sexual health.

The Spiritual Nature of Ginseng

Ginseng as medicinal herb

The genus name (i.e Panax ginseng) of Ginseng is not something to be taken lightly. To explain further: Panax (Pax = all + axos = medicine) comes from the Greek translation, to ‘cure-all’ in English. Another mind-blowing fact is that this herbal remedy also gains its name from its shape, which resembles a man. It’s believed to embody his three essences; body, mind and spirit. 

When looking further into medicinal herbs, you’ll come to find that there are only a handful reserved for their ability to activate Chi or Qi energy in the human body; and ginseng holds the pole position. Chi/Qi translates as Life Force. As human beings, our life force can become easily depleted due to electromagnetic fields. This can disrupt our natural field of energy, toxins, pollution, processed foods, among many other energy disruptors.

Consuming high-quality ginseng on a daily basis holds extremely high medicinal herb benefits. Moreover, it will also allow you to gain a boost to your system and enhance your life force. You’ll find that all you need is a little more Chi running through your veins and aura to achieve balance in your physical and mental wellbeing. This then moves you into restoration and harmony. As Ginseng is a herbal remedy, it’s restorative and activating powers will assist you in creating a synergistic relationship between your mind, body and spirit.

The Health Benefits of Ginseng

ginseng health benefits

The legendary health benefits of Ginseng have been well documented for centuries. Viewed more valuable than gold by multiple Chinese Emperors, and a genuine wonder of the nutritional world, Ginseng is a superior medicinal herb that contains two compelling compounds: gintonin and ginsenosides. These compounds go hand in hand and complement one another to provide huge health benefits for the body.

Check out 3 evidence-based health benefits of ginseng:

1. Ginseng Increases Energy Levels

An age-old treatment for boosting energy levels, ginseng is now believed to assist the body in coping with stress by supporting and balancing the HPA axis. HPA stands for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and refers to a set of three glands which interact with each other. This natural herbal remedy controls the body’s response to stress which in return helps in regulating your immune system, digestion, mood and energy.

2. Ginseng May Improve Brain Function

Using ginseng daily can assist in preventing memory loss and guard against age-related mental decline. Evidence suggests that some of the medicinal herbs cognitive-boosting capacity is due to its anti-fatigue effects. You can check out this study here. If you’re looking to use this herbal remedy to increase mental performance and physical energy, it’s a great choice.

3. Ginseng May Reduce Blood Sugar

Normalizing blood sugar level is an absolutely critical goal in the world of diabetes treatment. Ginseng has the ability to someday become an important solution in managing patients. Experts conducted a study using people with type 2 diabetes. Those who consumed ginseng, along with a highly viscous fibre similar to pectin, had a notable reduction in blood sugar levels – for more information on this, click here.

Buy Ginseng From a Trusted Source

Ginseng from a trusted source

At Lavivant, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with premium quality Korean ginseng. We appreciate that it takes time and effort to better yourself and improve your health, and we want to be part of your journey. From extracts to capsules, tea and a wide variety of other natural herbal remedies – we offer high-quality medicinal herbs, tailored to suit your needs and tastes.

Browse through our incredible range of products and take the first step towards a world of positivity and better mental and physical health.

3 Ways to Add Korean Red Ginseng Supplements to Your Routine

Korean red ginseng supplements. Top quality ginseng.

Korean red ginseng supplements are becoming exceedingly popular. These supplements capitalise on the herb, which is popularly known as the ‘king’ of herbs, because of all the benefits it offers.

Interestingly, Korean red ginseng is also called Panax Ginseng. This literally means ‘heal all.’ This is due to the fact that it can play a big role in easing different health issues.

Research shows that it is useful for various conditions including the following:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Boosting energy and stamina
  • Supporting fatigue resistance
  • Supporting blood circulation
  • Improving the brain and memory activity
  • Controlling diabetes and
  • Maintaining healthy reproductive function

Given the number of benefits, it can be a good idea to add it to your diet. If you are thinking of adding Korean red ginseng to your diet, you can opt to use it as a supplement. Over time, you can find many additional ginseng supplements that are available in almost any form. This gives you a degree of flexibility in its usability.

If you are still on the fence, we are here to help you out. Oral consumption is the most common method for Korean red ginseng supplements. This is why you can find plenty of options. The following are some of the best ways in which you can add this amazing supplement to your daily routine:

Korean Red Ginseng Extracts

To get the best experience, use Korean red ginseng in extract form. These are easily available and the best part is that all extracts are available in premium quality. These extracts are usually consumed in their original form with the help of a small measuring spoon. If the taste is too bitter for you, you might prefer taking it with some natural honey.

Moreover, some of these extracts are fermented to enhance their potency. In fermented extract form, the supplement is also absorbed by the body more effectively. This means that it can deliver better results with repeated use.

Korean Red Ginseng Capsules

If you want another way in which to consume Korean red ginseng supplements, you can get ginseng capsules. These are more straightforward and easier to use. You can take a capsule everyday 30 min before breakfast.

The capsules contain a powdered form of Korean red ginseng extract. For best results, get extract powder capsules that are fermented. These have more potent ginseng in them and it is also more readily absorbed by your body.

Korean Red Ginseng Stick

Another way that you can add Korean red ginseng supplements to your routine is by taking them in stick form. They are comprised of a top quality Korean red ginseng extract with some other high quality herbal ingredients. These are called ‘sticks’ but come in liquid form as extracts, contained in sachets.

Consuming ginseng in this form is easy as all you need to do is ingest it directly from the sachets. You can also make sure to have 1-2 sachets a day to get the most benefits from it.

All these methods work because they incorporate quality ginseng extracts in them. Additionally, if you are just starting out and want to become accustomed to ginseng, this is a good way to start.

Buying from the Best

When looking for Korean red ginseng supplements, always get them from a reputed source. Not everyone follows high-quality standards in the production of their supplements.

If you’re looking for the best, high-quality and most potent ginseng supplements, take a look at our collection. Whether you need supplements in capsules form, extracts or sticks, we have everything you need – and more – for you.

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