A great product. Probably the best I have ever used

Amazon ES, 25 November 2019


very good quality

I have tried several ginseng extracts, some bought in South Korea and this is one of the best quality.

Amazon ES, 19 February 2019


Good result

It has gone very well for me. The format is liquid (syrup type) in a small glass bottle with a plastic spoon for measurement. If in the morning I feel very low, I fill the spoon a little more and I notice results. Increases concentration and gives energy. For me it has been very useful, as it was the first time I was going to take it, it inspired me more confidence to try it like this, than in pills. I will buy it again.

Amazon ES, 22 February 2020

M. Dolores Vázquez

a good lift-me-up

An effective product in case of fatigue.
Convenient to take with the measuring spoon.
Take in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast.
I recommend this product.

Amazon FR, 30 August 2017


product conforms to the description

Fast delivery and careful.
nickel packaging, product conforms to the description and practical. The taste is okay.
I felt its effects after 15 days of use, I recommend a cure of 2 months for a convincing effect.

Amazon FR, 4 January 2018

V. Charrassier

great product

nothing to say, super quality product, I have been feeling tired for several months, I have tried red ginseng and already the positive effects are felt more in shape, I sleep better, I recommend next month

Amazon FR, 29 January 2018

belaatel a.

the best ginseng

This ginseng is very powerful! Effects felt on tone after only a few days of use. This 110mg/g version is very powerful! No side effects felt but less fatigue, more strength, tone, more endurance… As part of a sports diet I noticed a drop in cravings and better muscle definition.

Amazon FR, 6 May 2019

laurent s

One of the best on the market.

It helps a lot in times of mental and physical stress, be careful not to overdo it with the amounts!

Amazon IT, 18 December 2022

Lorenzo P.

Good product and service

I am impressed with the product and the seller. There was a slight problem with the first delivery, but the replaced the item immediately, and sent another one out straight away. Lovely taste and highly recommended.

Amazon UK, 24 September 2021

Lynette S

Convinced from the first cup of tea.

It’s my first time drinking ginseng tea and I’m glad I chose LAVIVANT. In terms of taste, I find it very tasty. I find the scent pleasant. The granular material dissolves without leaving any residue after pouring. I find one of the many tips on the back of the wooden box particularly helpful: don’t pour water that’s too hot for it to fully develop.

Amazon DE, 26 July 2021