Korean Ginseng Benefits

Korean Ginseng Benefits

Source: Journal of Korean Medical Science

Ginseng – the most precious plant among herbs

For many thousand years, mankind has been using various plants as nutrient, beverage, cosmetics, dye and medicine to maintain health and to improve quality of life.

In Asia, particularly, ‘Panax Ginseng’ (named by C. A. Mayer) is considered to be the most precious plant among herbs, and ginseng has been in the spotlight worldwide.

Ginseng has long been used in the Far East, particularly in Korea and China as a respected herbal medicine in maintaining physical vitality.

The genus name Panax (Pan = all + axos = medicine) means ‘cure all’ (literally ‘all heal’) in Greek.

The herbal root is named as ginseng, because it is shaped like a man, and is believed to embody his three essences (i.e. body, mind and spirit) and is known as the lord or king of herbs.

Source: US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health

Ginseng is used as an adaptogen. It has an effect on immune enhancement, recovery of energy, blood circulation, memory functions and more

The root of ginseng is traditionally used as adaptogen as it is stated to have the capacity to normalise body functions and strengthen systems that are compromised by stress.

Adaptogens are reported to have a protective effect on health against a wide variety of environmental assaults and emotional conditions.

In addition, the main biological activities of Korean red ginseng are known to include immune enhancement effects, the recovery of vital energy as well as the alleviation of fatigue, blood flow improvement, antioxidant effects, and the positive effects on memory enhancement and menopausal disorder.

Source: Daily Mail

Mentally stimulating – Ginseng

Ginseng is among the few dietary supplements that can help people stimulate their mental activities.

As people age they become weaker, not only physically but also mentally, and ginseng is a crucial health supplement that can mitigate this process.

Source: The Telegraph (Nic Fleming, Science Correspondent)

Ginseng can help keep you clear of colds

Scientists have come to the conclusion in their research that ginseng can help you fight flu and colds.

Source: The Guardian

Ginseng has been used as a tonic and panacea

Panax ginseng (Korean red ginseng) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for 2000 years as a general tonic and panacea.

Ginseng combats a raft of problems, from flu, diabetes and Alzheimer’s to male impotence and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Source: Daily Express

Ginseng could help to lower blood sugar for diabetes patients

Panax ginseng lowers blood sugar within one hour of consumption, study revealed.

However, diabetes should not use ginseng without talking to their doctor first.

Source: US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health

King of all herbs – Ginseng and male reproductive function

Ginseng is often referred to as the king of all herbs, and is found to be promising agent to improve general well-being.

Ginseng has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, and is used in traditional Chinese medical practices to treat dysfunction in men.

Source: The Telegraph

Korean ginseng extract improves overall health and gives men the opportunity to enjoy a healthy relationship with their significant other

‘Ginseng is a plant that has been used for thousands of years to bolster overall health.’

Scientists at the Yonsel University College of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea have conducted research on erectile dysfunction by applying a test to 119 men suffering from the condition. Half of the men used normal ginseng capsules while the other half used pills that looked the same but were actually a placebo.

The test lasted eight weeks, and the results showed that those who had taken ginseng had a marked improvement to their erectile function compared to those who had taken the placebo.

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